Spoiler alert: this is not a philosophical analysis of the nature of human beings, so I’m sorry to disappoint.

Have you ever been sitting in your car, standing in the shower, or waiting in line daydreaming about what lead you to that very moment? Or maybe you saw something on the news or someone said something that seriously pissed you off. What do you do next? Do you say f*** it and move on or do you text a storm to your best friend?

Well. This is why I’m here.

I am braving the harsh world and spewing my deepest thoughts that I wouldn’t dare tell to another human face-to-face. Think of this more as an outlet (hence, my super creative site title) for me to type furiously and analytically to the great world. TBH, don’t expect anyone to read anyway so its more for my emotional desires, which sounds super creepy.


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