Don’t give me your donation.

So a little fun fact for all 0 of my followers out there, I work at a non-profit where we seek out clothing and basic necessities for students either living in poverty, homeless, or taken from their homes. About 85% of the items in our DC are donated, which means we are totally at the mercy of whoever comes to our door with giant trash bags of items collecting dust in their closet.

Here is what frustrates me. People think places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and organizations similar to where I work are PRIME places to dump their rotten old s*** and skip happily out the door with a tax receipt and that do-gooder feeling. You are the worst kind of good person EVER.

Let me tell you what I’ve seen thus far: lacy lingerie corsets, dirty underwear, dirtier pots and pans (like, seriously?), moldy toddler clothes, t-shirts with holes and pit stains, and their dead grandmother’s old wardrobe. I can say with confidence that NONE of those items ever made the cut to give to our elementary, middle or high school students.

What I would like to know is what the hell was going through your head when you decided to bring those items to us? Like are we the new dump to you? What honestly led you to believe that a child would be given those items. It is the stereotypical mentality that comes when the words “poverty”, “homelessness”, and “poor” are put into the mix. As soon as a person is labeled under these categories, it is assumed that you will take anything in any type of condition. LIKE WHAT HELLO ARE YOU DUMB? A human being is a human being is a human being. Your trash is not their treasure, it is still trash. By giving us your torn and dirty rejected items, you have just decided to rip all dignity from a child in need. But go ahead, hold your head high because you “donated” to a good cause and you just end world poverty. #ThinkBeforeYouDonate


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